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> Petr Vanek wrote:
> > hi,
> > 
> > has copy/paste been discussed and some solution exist? I tried to
> > search through the wiki but no luck. selecting and copying text, then
> > pasting in applications doesn't seem to be really possible. The minimal
> > typical scenarios would probably be from sms/email to another sms/email
> > or web browser and vice-versa. Any ideas?
> Recent versions of Elementary include a support for easy copy/paste
> actions. I think it's a good example that could be ported also to other
> toolkits (wich mostly need patches, BTW).

yes. just hold down your finger for a second and presto.. menu (you can paste
or begin selecting things). the selection is "malleable" ie the first time when
there is no selection you define it with a drag. but after that pressing near
the beginning or end of the selection allows you to adjust it to get it right.
press and hold again for menu to "copy" or "cut" or "cancel". cancel just
clears the selection and does nothing. copy and cut put that selection in the
copy buffer, and going anywhere else to paste will paste it.

so it's there in elementary -= handling copy/paste with fingers on a
touchscreen. but other toolkits will have a .. harder time.

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