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Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> Hi,
> first of all, what does "Moro" mean? I've seen you using that word
> many times, but it doesn't exist in English :-)

Moro :)

... is a common way to greet each other in Tampere, Finland. I have seen
people use different languages in greetings on mailinglists and all of
them have been "major languages" and easy to guess, like hola. So, why
not raise the stakes :)

> So in short: my changes are stable ones (I only put things in the git
> that are tested), for now Lorn is bleeding edge (has things that are
> not working right now). Radek is also stable, but behind on patches.
> Karadog is stable 2.6.24, but also behind on patches (and kernel).
> Filip so far only put standard qtextended on github (because t that
> time, karadog was very busy and unavailable), no patches are
> integrated.

And of course this situation "lives" by the day and is not written on
stone, so no wiki page would be possible. Now I understand the lack of it.

> As you can see here, only lpotter is ahead for now:
> http://github.com/liedekef/qtmoko/network

Heh, I've been looking a different versions of that map and just
understood how that mapping is supposed to be used. It matters on what
you choose as your reference point, which I did not realize since in my
mind there was no such thing. Thank you for clarification and an
excellent insight on "who has what". I think im going to start tracking
yours since karadog lacks patches.

Is the trac at karadog the only bugrepoting place, besides this list?

- -- husku
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