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Mon Apr 27 15:54:55 CEST 2009

> Fabio Locati wrote:
> > I think that we should have a "complete list" of the QtEI GITs:
> > - http://github.com/liedekef/qtmoko/
> > - http://github.com/lpotter/qtmoko/
> > - http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/
> > - http://github.com/FilipBE/qtextended/
> > - http://git.karadog.net/qt-extended-improved.git
> > If you know others, please, report here.
> Moro,
> This is great! I have been hunting for such a list. What about the
> differences between those, wikipage that explains which is most "stable"
> and which is "most bleeding edge" would be nice.
> AFAIK, karadog is supposed to be the stable one and others more or less
> bleeding / dev..? Which ones are too bleeding to even consider and which
> are meant just for the developer them selves to keep track on patches...
> -- husku
This (and also Franky  answer) is very interesting.
A would also like to know something about the  different, already
available, packaged QtEI distributions.
Thank you very much from the NAND of my freerunner.


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