ffalarms 0.2.1 and atd-over-fso (now works on SHR-testing)

Łukasz Pankowski lukpank at o2.pl
Mon Apr 27 22:29:27 CEST 2009

"Steven **" <montgoss+openmokocommunity at gmail.com> writes:

> A well written app that works quite well under latest SHR-testing
> (installed via opkg directly from SHR feeds).

Nice to hear.

> One area I think needs improvement ASAP:  my Freerunner suspends (thus
> silencing the alarm) before the alarm gets loud enough to really wake
> me up.  SHR goes back to suspended after about 1 minute even if
> ffalarms is playing the alarm. There are two things that would help
> this:
> 1. Make the loudness increase by more with each step. Ideally this
> would be configurable.

Currently it increases the volume +1 each second, I may make the time
between increases configurable in config file if you insist that fixing
point 2. (see below) is not enough for you.

> 2. Make ffalarms prevent suspend for a time, maybe 5 minutes.  (Note
> that it would be REALLY bad to prevent suspend indefinitely, as I
> might forget I set an alarm and walk away from the phone, only to come
> back hours later to an empty battery)

I will try to fix the suspend issue this weekend (time is scarce) that
is avoid suspending until you stop the alarm.

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