shr-testing- how to switch on gsm?

Laura Vance vancel at
Tue Apr 28 04:02:51 CEST 2009

ivvmm wrote:

>Fernando Martins wrote:
>>I've just flashed shr testing 22nd April and I don't get the usual pin 
>>code request. Also, the icons "Contacts" and "Mofi" on the desktop are 
>>just two blank sheets.
>>Under settings, the GSM antena is set off but I can't change it to on. 
>>The "Modem information" does nothing (not yet implemented?).
>>So, how can I start GSM, manually and on startup?
>Something goes wrong. It should have started automatically. What image
>did you flash exactly?
I had the same problem... actually I still have it.  My SIM doesn't 
always make good contact with the FR slot, so if I get that type of 
problem, I shut down the FR, pull the battery, and wiggle the SIM in the 
socket... then put it back together and boot it up.

For those that are curious, the pins are connecting almost dead-center 
on the proper place, there just seems to be a contact problem on my phone.

Usually mine will boot, then after the appropriate time (maybe a 
minute), I get the error that the SIM card isn't found.  If it's just a 
premature message, I will get signal and wireless carrier info in the 
shelf (SHR-April 22nd release).  If it truly can't seem to connect, I 
learned today that I can switch the GSM radio off and back on to have it 
re-initialize and acquire signal properly.

This seems a bit of a pain, but I knew what I was getting when I bought 
the FR, and I'm still very happy with my purchase.  :)  The fact that I 
have a GPS that can download its own maps while I'm on the road is the best.


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