Buzz on GTA02v5 with latest SHR-Testing, do I need buzz fix ?

Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Apr 29 10:18:53 CEST 2009

Denis Johnson wrote:
> Currently running SHR Testing from  around 22 April, on my GTA02V5 in
> Australia. While on a mobile to mobile call, the other party
> complained about buzzing.
> 1. Could someone please confirm that this is the hardware caused
> buzzing problem and not related to the distro or alsa state settings.
> 2. Are there any users in Australia with same batch (original group
> purchase via Perth/Brisbane) which also have the issue and have
> managed to get it corrected or have access to someone that can do the
> fix in Aus ?

I have about 8 sets of buzz fix parts from OpenMoko, and have previously
(on the oz-moko list) said I'd send those parts to anyone who can fix
devices in Australia.  I haven't heard from anyone yet.

-- Rod

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