Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Wed Apr 29 10:44:03 CEST 2009

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller wrote:
> Dear community,
> it is the philisophy of Golden Delicious Computers to find solutions  
> for important topics that the community has and can't solve alone.  
> Therefore, we (Golden Delicious Computers and TRIsoft) have worked  
> behind the scenes and are close to offer a Buzz rework solution that  
> can in principle serve all Freerunner Owners in the EU harmonized  
> market.
> 1) We have identified a very good professional SMD rework company in  
> Munich, Germany who are capable and willing to do the rework at low  
> cost and high quality, but only if we deliver batches of collected  
> devices. Since we are experienced in collecting incoming and outgoing  
> shipments, the combination is the solution.

Will they do the bass fix too? For an extra fee probably, as the weak 
bass isn't really a defect. The bass fix (bigger capacitors) was 
published here, can they take a look at that too?

I hope doing both fixes at once will be economical, as most of the work 
is common to both jobs. (Ship the phone only once, take it apart only 
once, reassemble only once, ship it back only once.)

If they verify the buzz fix with a test call, then they'll even verify 
the bass fix didn't break anything at the same time.

> 2) Therefore we plan to offer this service to all Openmoko owners  
> within the EU harmonized market / tax union (to avoid re-import/export  
> hassle). 

What is the problem with a country outside EU? If the Norwegian 
government adds a tax or fee, as they usually do, then the payment is my 
problem. Not yours. They post office simply notify me and hold the 
returning package back until I sort it out. All they need to calculate 
tax is the receipt for the repair fee. I guess this is provided anyway, 
as businesses normally provide a receipt.

Helge Hafting

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