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On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 13:20:50 +0100 (BST) "Tilman Baumann" <tilman at baumann.name>

> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
> >> > with e providing a
> >> > reasonable
> >> > windowing environment,
> >>
> >> Window management on plain framebuffer? Are you sure?
> >> I would be very interested in learning more about this.
> >> My expectation would be that you still need some fb multiplexer that
> >> needs
> >> to be relatively smart.
> >
> > This solely depends on your usecase. If you're in for
> > single-window-single-app
> > paradigm, combined with some clever logic to always show a panel, then you
> > don't really need window management.
> Yes, but this really means always only one app _running_. (or drawing)
> This would require some extensive framework and very specialised code in
> the apps. (Apps need to free the fb and save the screen state and there
> would be some supervision needed for managing accesses to screen
> resources/and switching windows.)
> I don't think we have the resources for that.
> I mean, we just barely manage to make a working phone. :)
> And just forget about porting apps from any other environment.
> I could imagine doing this all with a evas (that rendering thingy of E, i
> always confuse the names) frontend which gets instructed to draw some
> scenario and connects the signals via rpc to a client...
> >> Probably by rendering into a shared mem that gets composed to a fb frame
> >> by some central daemon.
> >
> > If you do that, you quickly reinvent X ;)
> My point exactly.
> > Seriously though, some projects have gone that way (evoak, picogui, ...),
> > but
> > dropped the ball. If you really do need window managment, use X. If not,
> > fb-
> > only could be a very viable alternative -- if only we had illume's
> > softkeyboard working...
> If there is no swap out solution. I would just don't bother.

bingo. stic to x. it buys you gtk, qt, sdl, gl, blah blah blah all at oince
with the management environment already known and developed. it's trivial yo
develop for ON your desktop.. as thats already your windowing system. no
emulators needed. just pretend to have a lower res.

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