openmoko neo shape

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 29 17:47:26 CEST 2009

blokkie wrote:
> some of my collegues at work ask why the neo looks like a beer opener .
> Was this part of the design ?

Seems that those designers didn't get out much - they missed this
obvious feature.

As far as I know, the case design predates Openmoko. I've heard that
it was originally made for a device to be marketed in the context of
the Olympics in China, hence the emphasis on circles, and perhaps
also the fairly rugged design and the space for a heck of a lanyard.

> PS: where should the stylus be inserted ? In the empty beer bottle ?

A stylus doesn't make sense. You'd either lose it after a few beers
or you're not drinking enough :-)

Cheers !

- Werner

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