Intone (0.20 - alpha release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

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Thu Apr 30 02:39:15 CEST 2009

c_c wrote:
>> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>>> c_c wrote:
>>> b) How do I use the pager with a genlist? In my case the pager works - but it doesn't show the genlist - the buttons all show up though.
>> Give a look to my eTube code in It has an
>> implementation for it (BTW it works only in Illume WM, not in my
>> standard system due to the fact that the window collapse without
>> considering the preset evas size at all!)
> Yup ! Thats exactly what happened to me. OK - so I should try it on the FR. I have the code for it commented out in gui.c. Will try it on the FR ASAP.

Ok, I've got this working also in a non-illume configuration. It was all
easy, you've just to use evas_object_size_hint_min_set() (and maybe also
the "max" correspondent) for setting the elm_bg min (max) size.
The pager won't touch it and it will work as expected ;).

See an example here [1].


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