NEW e-tasks Alpha release

c_c cchandel at
Thu Apr 30 08:34:32 CEST 2009


Angus Ainslie-2 wrote:
>>If you have an OE recipe I could add it to the feed.
 Well, I really don't know anything about this bb recipe thing. And that's a
glaring omission from my side which needs rectification. Any place where I
can get some info on the process/ howto?
 Till then - there's an ipk and the source code. I could send you the
control file if that helps. But I do need to get to speed on bitbake
 Also - could you consider adding intone to the feeds? Seems like its turned
out to be quite stable.

@Denis Johnson - Well, I've been thinking on the lines of syncing contacts
and tasks with evolution. Need some free time to start work though. This
client is a beginning,
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