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Thu Apr 30 10:53:42 CEST 2009


Richy-2 wrote:
> I don't really get how to change the name of a task.
> If i go on details task:  --> change the name --> done . it still says
> task.
> Also, it crashes on "save"..
  Yup, it doesn't save changes when you change things in the details page. I
thought I'd fixed that. :confused:
* The details page is actually even more alpha :-D
* Use it to delete tasks for now
* Right now the details page actually adds only 2 more things to the topmost
line in the main screen 
  - ability to delete a task.
  - ability to change a tasks category.

* I will soon add the ability to set a reminder for the task on the details


* The topmost line in the UI allows you to change the Priority, Date and the
task. The save button should save - but selecting another task will also
save the changes.
* The Add button adds a task.
* The details button open up the details page - which is buggy as has been
bought out - but it should let you delete a task and change its category.
* The Category Hover ("All Tasks" button) lets you change the category of
tasks being shown on the main page.
* From the category hover you can 
  - see the deleted tasks.
  - edit the catogories.
* Once the button is pressed - click anywhere else but the button that show
up closes the hover.

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