shr-testing timezones!

Adam Jimerson vendion at
Thu Apr 30 11:27:37 CEST 2009

jeremy jozwik wrote:
> so ive been having issues with time for some time now. ive set my
> zoneinfo to the correct times zone [PST8PDT] but when i run the "date"
> command i get back "EDT". which is, oddly enough incorrect.
> ive set the frameworkd.conf to not get any updates on timezone or
> time. tangoGPS insisted on changing me time settings.
> can anyone assist?
I had this problem before, I set my freerunner to use eastern time but 
for some reason it was using London's timezone.  I solved this by 
editing the /etc/localtime and replacing the data there with USA/Eastern 
and now my phone is using the right timezone.

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