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Am 28.04.2009 um 22:30 schrieb Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller:

> Dear community,
> it is the philisophy of Golden Delicious Computers to find solutions  
> for important topics that the community has and can't solve alone.  
> Therefore, we (Golden Delicious Computers and TRIsoft) have worked  
> behind the scenes and are close to offer a Buzz rework solution that  
> can in principle serve all Freerunner Owners in the EU harmonized  
> market.
> 1) We have identified a very good professional SMD rework company in  
> Munich, Germany who are capable and willing to do the rework at low  
> cost and high quality, but only if we deliver batches of collected  
> devices. Since we are experienced in collecting incoming and  
> outgoing shipments, the combination is the solution.
> 2) Therefore we plan to offer this service to all Openmoko owners  
> within the EU harmonized market / tax union (to avoid re-import/ 
> export hassle). Please note that there will be a rework fee. The  
> final price is not yet clear (expected to be less than 30 EUR incl.  
> shipment) because we are in intensive discussions with Openmoko how  
> they can help to reduce this fee for you.

Openmoko has given us now full support and therefore, we can reduce  
the fee dramatically. A bad news is that you have to cover 2 way  
shipment. But another good news is that Openmoko provides a free  
battery as a gift for each shipment.

> 3) Rework will take approx. 1 week and could start immediately,  
> provided we get the promised replacement components in time.

That well need some days so I expect that we can start rework in the  
second week of May.

> 4) If you are interested, please register yourself and your device  
> at the following link. We will then follow up with details about  
> handling, address to send to, time schedule, final pricing etc.

This page has now become an order page. Please "purchase" the service.

> So stay tuned,
> Nikolaus
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