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rakshat hooja rakshat at
Thu Apr 30 17:38:32 CEST 2009

As some of the Indian Openmoko Users may be aware we have been working with
Openmoko to provide you with a Buzz Fix solution to the Freerunner.

IDA Systems (with support from Openmoko) will cover the actual costs of the
buzz fix procedure and the components. Shipping costs (to and back from)
Delhi, where the contracter who will undertake the Buzz Fix is based, will
have to be borne by the customer (We will work with you to get good and easy
shipping options and also give a free extra Battery as a return gift with
each Freerunner sent for the Buzz Fix to cover costs)

More details will be put up on our site soon but currently we need your help
to estimate the number of customers who would like to have the buzz fix
procedure on their phones.

I would be grateful if those who are interested in the buzz fix could
email   *buzzfix at* with their



IMEI number of their phone (open back battery cover to see the IMEI number)


We hope the have the buzzfix program underway soon and thank you for your


PS - we will be contacting customers individually also later but if those
who are on the list can reply it will help us to get an approximate of the
numbers. Details of the program will be put up on our website soon, posted
on this list, and emailed to people who register for the buzz fix
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