List of bluetooth headsets

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Aug 1 19:56:52 CEST 2009

> Does headset with jackout exist as well, would be cool to have a jack  
> out on
> the headset for connecting to a HiFi Stereo... :)

amazon recently lists a surprising number of them.
when i tried to buy such a thing a few months ago, it was hard work, to  
find one -- finally i got the sonyericson hbh-ds 220.
so far nice, but has a very small mind -- it can't remeber more than one  
device it was paired to, which is considered the comparativley high price  
then, ridiculous.

finally tired of that linitation i recently got the "suvil clipfree mobile  
bt", much cheaper, remembers at least three devices, though with issues --  
with my netbook (eeepc) with pulseaudio music is choppy and needs
hciconfig hci0 lm master; hciconfig hci0 lp hold,sniff,park
to be ... uhm ... less choppy. with my thinkpad and that command it's  
rather ok, but far below the claimed range of 10m.

due to the hassle to use a bt headset with the freerunner so far (with  
fso, i tested a cheap jawbone -- but fso did not switch back to  
gsmhandset.state when no headset was available, bt still does not survive  
suspend/resume, all in all, bt is not suitable for daily use) i did  
refrain from testing both of these headset, but i'd expect at least the  
sonyericsson to work.

for plain alsa, ie audio output, i don't really expect difficulties.
i created the .asoundrc with

pcm.bluetooth {
        type bluetooth
        device XX:XX:... #headset's mac here
        profile "auto"

ctl.bluetoothsu {
         type bluetooth
         device XX:XX:... #headset's mac here
         profile "auto"

following those arcane ritual texts of the bluez worshippers and tried the  

arecord -D bluetooth -f S16_LE | aplay -D bluetooth -f S16_LE

which surely was not answered (did not hear myself like i did on my  
thinkpad), but no error appeared neither.
thus, probably only a correct state file is necessary.

since i am still don't understand the state file lingo (and still am  
surprised to see, that the names of the controls in alsamixer do not match  
the names listed in the state file), i am incapable to write such a sacred  
text myself and humbly hope one of the priests of the bluez and alsa  
church will do that ...

ps: for those with write access to the wiki:
i got a very cheap (got it as a gift from some shop) jawbone called PBH-8W  
working once. due to the problems mentioned above i did not really try  

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