some troubles with DIY buzz fix.

Gennady Kupava gb at
Sun Aug 2 17:52:23 CEST 2009

Hello, list.

My heart is always strongly hurt that I realise that person at other
side of the line hear that buzz, Germany is far from Saint-Petersburg,
so I were brave enought to try doing buzz-fix with my own hands. Should
notice that I never did soldering of small parts. Measure that
resisance, got 2k2 and bought 9 capacitors (had to go shop 2 times). I
can tell now that details on old videocard are really huge. Slowly
getting 'skill', I finally soldered 4th capacitor (3 first got broken
legs, 3rd was very close to being final), buzz gone almost completely -
only very distant, near 5% of buzz sometimes heard, GSM sounds excellent
from any point of view, all seem OK, expept one thing... That is

Foto with Sketch with horizontal and vertical parallel lines drawn by

Can anyone help me with advice? Should I resolder, desolder, buy other
capacitor, or may be it is completely broken because it is very heat
sensitive? I really want to avoid doing that procedure once again... Or
should i start patching literki to be in upper part of screen again?

LCD itself works fine.

I was ready to share success story :(


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