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Sun Aug 2 20:34:48 CEST 2009

Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:
>> > We will ship our first NanoNote with a BL-4C compatible battery, without
>> > Coulomb counter (middle pin unused) [1].
>> Hm, can BL-5C fit there? Because it'd be much nicer as modern 5Cs have
>> quite some capacity.
> It fits, but it's a bit too thick so it's hard to close the battery cover with
> a BL-5C (or gta02 battery) inside. Not recommended.

gta02 battery is really thicker (~1mm) than BL-5C. It's BL-6C that is
the same thickness as gta02 battery.

>> The only problem so far with using a dumb battery on FR is that
>> there's no way to know the current from inside the device. On gta01
>> there's a resistor shunt supposed to be used to measure the current
>> but readings are too noisy to be useable. So if you have a good way to
>> measure current already i'd not go for CC.
> Hmm, that's a pretty strong statement.
> At Openmoko we spent _a lot_ of money combined to get this CC thing to work.
> The theory was that you have it in most notebook batteries so it's 'a good
> thing to have'.

You know, my notebook (Acer travelmate) has those advanced battery
readings. But it didn't help it to not fuck up my battery completely
while i constantly kept it connected to AC. The charging is not kernel
controlled (probably there're some ACPI functions for that but who
knows that shit...).

So for me what matters is not advanced metering, for me it's proper
battery charging management, i want my battery to last long.

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