Document with answers to most popular battery-related questions is ready

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Sun Aug 2 20:58:08 CEST 2009

2009/8/2 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>

> Hmm, that's a pretty strong statement.
> At Openmoko we spent _a lot_ of money combined to get this CC thing to
> work.
> The theory was that you have it in most notebook batteries so it's 'a good
> thing to have'.
> But if it's not actually used, then it would be one of those many things
> we did that should have been better thought through.

No, I think it was a very good decision. Not only low-level programmers need
it, but also normal* users who want to know how long the battery lasts with
certain configurations. I know for example that with gsm on it lasts about
50h in suspend, with gsm off about 100h, and with gps on about 8h without
suspend, etc. And I could estimate this accurately overnight, and not by
waiting 4 days.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea how long my motorola battery
lasts. It usually shows full for a few days and then drops really quickly.

*if you can call FR users normal users
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