[QtMoko] New debian images V5

Tschaka Stuff4tschaka at gmx.net
Sun Aug 2 21:00:44 CEST 2009

Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi,
> new version of QtMoko debian images is uploading now. It will be
> possible to download them soon (like in 2 hours) from:
> http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/download/
> MD5 checksums:
> 6c259005e72c5c163bee85bdd92d290f  qtmoko-debian-v5.jffs2
> b1164caeda73a69e62091af3f5269fe5  qtmoko-debian-v5.tar.gz
> f64f5ff2e7dad0202e7cb69d263d006d  uImage-v5.bin
> Most important changes in V5 version include:
> * much better support for X applications
> * X is not starting during boot which makes Qtopia faster
> * short AUX press brings up menu while running X application
> * X application stopping should be now correct (first SIGTERM and if no
>   response then SIGKILL)
> * included TangoGPS, xterm with matchbox virtual keyboard and
>   matchbox window manager.
> * scripts for turning on/off bluetooth, wifi, gps and for switching USB
>   between host and device (available from dev tools menu)
> Most probably no bugs were introduced and this version should be stable
> as daily phone.
> There can be still problem with no sound on incoming call. The only
> workaround i know is to make outgoing call after boot (e.g. to some cost
> free number) and all incoming calls will be ok after that.
> With X application support you can now use TangoGPS for mapping, links2
> for web browsing, you can play doom, tons of games in scummvm - the
> possibilities are nearly endless.
> You can also switch to USB host and attach USB keyboard which will work
> for X applications.
> For more information please visit links [1] [2] [3] [4].
> The support for X applications still needs some more work. I would
> appreciate if someone could help me understand why X server cannot be
> started from within Qtopia. It always hangs in VT_WAITACTIVE. I am now
> solving this with simple helper program [5] that starts before Qtopia.
> To me it looks that Qtopia takes over virtual terminal and when X tries
> to allocate it - it hangs. So this needs clean solution and understanding
> the problem. Any help would be very welcome.
> In next days I will be on holidays on my bike so i will get to mail on
> Monday.
> Enjoy images, hope you will like them
> Cheers
> Radek
> [1] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/download/
> [2] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/
> [3] http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/master/
> [4] http://qtmoko.org/
> [5]
> http://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/tree/e0c5da38bfcb8eaaf205967ad084ee3475394572/src/3rdparty/applications/qx_helper
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Hi Radek, 

now that you are back from holidays, i'm sorry to disturb you with bugs.
first of all, my freerunner is new, i only tried shr, and when v5 of qtmoko
was released and my phone just returned from buzz fixing, i thought i would
install it. i must say i am very impressed. it just feels like a phone and
is pretty much fun to play around with. especially the contacts/sms/etc
thingy is really good. And it feels stable.

however, there are a few glitches.
* Alarm doesnt start, when the phone is suspended. it just starts a few
seconds after manually resuming the phone. 

* Wifi doesnt work. It just doesnt connect. 

* sms longer then 160 characters are sent succesfully and received by the
other phone. However, sending such a sms to qtmoko doesn't work somehow. it
only gets received after a reboot. 

* The phone shouldnt suspend when e.g. trying to connect to wifi or in gps

* Bluetooth worked, somehow. i activated BT, was able to receive and send
files, but then it suspended before i couldnt turn BT off again - after
that, the bt config dialog told me, that bt would not be availible. 

Furthermore i would like to ask a few questions/for feature requests.

i know the keyboard debate is getting old. but i always wondered why would
couldnt have a keyboard just like a usual phone, like the keyboard which is
used at pin input (like this one here: http://lwn.net/images/qpe/call_sm.png
) with some corrective mechanism as the illume keyboards of shr do (for
writing sms at least). 

and i really really would appreciate a small lightweight jabber client and a
SIP client. 

Thanks for your efforts!
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