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Sun Aug 2 21:05:18 CEST 2009

Michal Brzozowski <rusolis at> writes:
> 2009/8/2 Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at>
>     Hmm, that's a pretty strong statement.
>     At Openmoko we spent _a lot_ of money combined to get this CC thing to work.
>     The theory was that you have it in most notebook batteries so it's 'a good
>     thing to have'.
>     But if it's not actually used, then it would be one of those many things
>     we did that should have been better thought through.
> No, I think it was a very good decision. Not only low-level
> programmers need it, but also normal* users who want to know how
> long the battery lasts with certain configurations. I know for
> example that with gsm on it lasts about 50h in suspend, with gsm off
> about 100h

Hm, there's probably something very wrong with your config, no?

With GSM on in suspend it should last for 140 hrs and with off it
should be even more.

Hm, so basically your point is that CC allows current measurement in
suspend. Ok, but if there're convenient TPs you can use your DMM to do
the same as well. Also you can do that by connecting the device via
DMM to a lab PSU or a pack of AA batteries. Moreover, there's quite a
limited number of usecases (wrt power-management) so those who has
some EE skills can do the measurements once and then share the info
for everybody.

Wolfgang, please consider making current measurement in suspend
easy. :)

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