Best Distro to use bluetooth headset

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Sun Aug 2 21:10:44 CEST 2009

I'm going by what the wiki says where a bluetooth headset should bypass the

I'm hoping that since the buzz is caused by interference from the gsm chip,
using a digital recording device should resolve the issue. I was even
contemplating modding my case and installing a small usb mic.
I find it odd though that an external gsm antenna also makes the buzz go
away. A friend of mine had horrible gsm buzz with his treo 650 but all he
had to do was wrap some aluminum foil around some cables to shield them,
then the buzz went away.

I didn't want to send my phone away for the free repair because it is my
only way of communicating with people.

And yeah, I just said I would get an Iphone to bug the devs. I dislike apple
and I would go with a G1 any day.

As with the freerunner, I knew the software wasn't going to be ready for a
while, but I also knew the software will be supported for a looooong time by
the community. I just didn't know there would be some hardware issues. I
held off on buying a phone for over a year just because I was waiting for
this phone to come out.

Anyways.. once I get my bluetooth headset working I'll do some quality tests
to confirm if it makes a difference.

The Digital Pioneer wrote:
> Nah, get a G2 or something. iPhone is a rip-off. And if I were you, I'd
> just
> get a buzzfix. I'm sure someone on this list will be able to do it for
> you,
> if you pay shipping. Unfortunately, using bluetooth will not fix the GSM
> buzz (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I'm just lucky enough that I don't
> have it where I live, though I've been told it does happen in other
> places.
> I missed the bandwagon to have it fixed free, because I didn't want to
> give
> my phone up for the time to fix it, but I wish I had...
> I don't care what OpenMoko says, the FR is still a prototype phone. It's a
> revised prototype, but a prototype none the less. Personally, I enjoy
> playing with it, but it's not for everyone.
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