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Sun Aug 2 21:22:40 CEST 2009

Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang at> writes:
>> To me it seems that CC readings are almost unused except for
>> presenting the user with a bit more accurate capacity data. And when
>> someone is developing something lowlevel he could as well connect and
>> external ampmeter, much more reliable and flexible approach.
> Now, if an accurate way to measure the current in the device solves 80% of that
> as well, then the (big) extra cost of supporting CC batteries is not worth it.

Yes, i think that's the case. The only state where integrated power measurement
readings are unavailable is suspend and that's quite low level

> So for me it all comes down to precision. Is it possible to build a cheap and
> accurate way to measure current in the device?

bq27000 measures current accurately so it should be possible. I'm sure
there's some decent IC suitable for your task.

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