[QtMoko] New debian images V5

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sun Aug 2 23:18:19 CEST 2009

Tschaka wrote:

> however, there are a few glitches.
> * Alarm doesnt start, when the phone is suspended. it just starts a few
> seconds after manually resuming the phone. 

yes, this is another known issue (with quite high priority) on my list.
FSO based images used ffalarms and atd for alarm. I need to investigate
how to install and make it work on debian. So this is rather
unimplemented feature that bug.

> * Wifi doesnt work. It just doesnt connect. 

another known one probably trivial bug. You can use terminal and use
iwconfig as a workaround for now.

> * sms longer then 160 characters are sent succesfully and received by the
> other phone. However, sending such a sms to qtmoko doesn't work somehow. it
> only gets received after a reboot. 

This is interesting - i just tested it and got a bit different but still
incorrect behaviour. I recieved just the first part of SMS. So i can at
least somehow reproduce it and take a look.

> * The phone shouldnt suspend when e.g. trying to connect to wifi or in gps
> mode. 

If you run tangogps using QX then it shouldnt go to suspend. I will
implement it also for other apps launched from QX - this should be quite
simple. I dont know how hard would it be to do it in wifi dialog and in
other places where it's needed.

> * Bluetooth worked, somehow. i activated BT, was able to receive and send
> files, but then it suspended before i couldnt turn BT off again - after
> that, the bt config dialog told me, that bt would not be availible. 

Yes, i know this issue too. Didnt have time to take a look at it yet.
Reboot solves it for now.

> Furthermore i would like to ask a few questions/for feature requests.
> i know the keyboard debate is getting old. but i always wondered why would
> couldnt have a keyboard just like a usual phone, like the keyboard which is
> used at pin input (like this one here: http://lwn.net/images/qpe/call_sm.png
> ) with some corrective mechanism as the illume keyboards of shr do (for
> writing sms at least). 

I am not happy with any virtual keyboard too - so if none else comes
with solution i will work on this when time comes.

> and i really really would appreciate a small lightweight jabber client and a
> SIP client. 

Me too :)

> Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks for report. All those bugs are on my list so hopefully sooner or
later they could be fixed.


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