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Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Mon Aug 3 00:42:22 CEST 2009

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 11:40 PM, Risto H. Kurppa<risto at> wrote:
> (I understand that Laszlo didn't get the support needed but got some
> of his code rejected -> lost interest.. )

I would like to add my 2 cents here;)

I didnt stopped working on paroli at all,
just my attention was distracted by some hobby project
(home-made electric bike) and I was on vacation in the
last 2 weeks (hence the late reply).

But I agree, what Mirko is doing, are the worst scenario of
every possible act, ie. stating he is working on paroli, but
his last real work on paroli was exactly two months ago on
June 3, with commit 6b47ad3a17814105e7107dcf7cc30dc4f3584387.
In addition to this he is not responding to emails, especially
which contains programing questions regarding to paroli. (I know, because
I shoot 10-15 emails already to him in these 2 months).

I have read somewhere some years ago, how to best quit an
open source project, but I cant locate it anymore (nor on
the web nor in my computer). It addressed this very issue, how
to avoid this kind of frustrations.

I would like to suggest to Qi company (Mirko's bosses;), to
allow (better word: force) Mirko to work on Paroli one hour
per week. To answer questions, and integrate others' works.

There are many ongoing work, which needs to be integrated into
paroli. There are two branches by Dietrich, namely tacheles
and rebase. Where tacheles needs some very deep (tichy/paroli)
knowledge, to be able to integrate into paroli.
Other seems mostly cleanup.
We should really need some kind of communication platform,
because I for example never met with Dietrich, but I
really like his works (on, I based my gps program
on his "mappad" work. It was he or josch)

So there are two more possible contributors: Dietrich and josch.
They need some attention, to not lost his interests in paroli.

I for example have many more or less working programs, which
needs some help to properly integrate into paroli. (I have shoot
an email like 4 days ago to Mirko, but no answer;)

These are:
- calculator app (already usable)
- gps app, and I would like to develop some predefined gui for
it: walking, running, biking, driving, paragliding
The basics works, I need edje (.edc file) gui for more advanced
things like zoom in, out and panning;)
- note taking app (almost working)
- calendar app (I have some gui sketches)
- some already done (or planned) gui improvements for paroli
- I have some gui ideas, where I need consensus
  from Mirko and Angus, one of them is putting topbar at the
  bottom. Because the bottom is not really finger usable, so
  why waste the valuable space at the top (just under
  illume's topbar). And it makes little sense to have two
  topbars at the top.

Mirko: If you want to step back from paroli for some time (months),
       please, please integrate people's work before it, and
       only leave after.

There are many things, where we really need you. Im not able to
help Dietrich integrate his dbus based "multithreading" programs.
I (for example) need some tichy help.

I think everybody got an idea about paroli status.

Best regards,

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