[SHR-U] Almost there....

Poul Bondo pba at mailme.dk
Mon Aug 3 13:40:25 CEST 2009

Using SHR-unstable 20090721 as daily phone.

I have used the Openmoko as a portable computer for the past 3/4 of a 
year, but not as a phone. Primarily because I need my phone to be 
stable. However for the past week (during my holidays) I have used the 
FreeRunner as my primary phone.

So what do I basically need from my phone. What is the minimal feature 
set that will make the phone usable.

1. Voice phone (incoming and outgoing phone calls)
2. Receive and send SMS
3. Phonebook with names and numbers (I can't remember phone numbers)
4. Two days of battery life, i.e. Suspend & Resume (both manually and 
5. Plug in and remove power cable
6. Clock
7. Phone log (missed calls / SMS)

That is all I really need. There are a lot of other nice to have 
features, but they are not important (at the moment).

SHR unstable provides all these features and a lot of other features. 
However it is not stable. The following is a list of my observations 
from the first week of usage (no power attached in all scenarios below).

1. After I have made a phone call (incoming or outgoing) I need to look 
into if I believe the phone is still working. Ie. can I receive another 
call. I don't know exactly what happens, but quite often the phone is 
"broken". Typical symptoms that something is wrong is that the phone 
will not auto suspend. Settings / Power / Auto suspend will not slide to 
On. When the phone enters this state it cannot receive any more phone 
calls / SMS. The solution to this is typically a power off/on. In this 
state it also does not do a proper logout / shutdown. But pressing the 
power button for some 8-10 seconds will shutdown.

2. No sound on phone calls. In some cases there is no sound on phone 
calls, i.e. no ring tone (but vibrator ok) and no audio on the voice 
call. Making outgoing calls and suspend/resume does not help. However on 
at least one occasion it did help to plug in USB power.

3. Manual resume to check the clock but not touching the touch screen. 
The phone will typically not auto suspend again, unless I touch the 
touch screen.

4. The ring tone audio on incoming call is delayed several seconds. I.e. 
the vibrator starts several seconds before the ring tone. Also the ring 
tone will only stop several seconds after pressing accept call.

5. Removing the power cable (usb) sometimes means that the phone does 
not auto suspend.

6. Receive a missed SMS while suspended often means the phone will not 
auto suspend again (however for missed phone calls it seems to be 
working ok).

7. Phone log will open in multiple instances. If I receive multiple 
missed calls, I will have several phonelogs open. If I look in the wrong 
one, it will only report one missed call. If one instance is open while 
receiving a new phone call it will not be updated.

I will look into if any of these are already reported in SHR trac.

Notice that this is a massive improvement over last time I tried (and 
failed) to use it as a phone 3-4 month ago.

I have one week left of my holidays for testing. But as of yet I am 
undecided if I will continue when I get back to work....

Thanks for all your work!


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