Evopedia version 0.2 prerelease

Christian Reitwießner christian at reitwiessner.de
Mon Aug 3 13:42:26 CEST 2009

Hi Sam!

sam tygier schrieb:
> Christian Reitwießner wrote:
>> Hi!
>> After some serious changes in the dump format that will hopefully speed
>> up the title search (aside from cleaning the dump a bit) and other
>> changes in the software, evopedia version 0.2 is ready for testing.
>> Evopedia is a Wikipedia reader for offline use. Features include:
>> - live title search
>> - search for geographically near articles
>> - images are included when there is a connection to the internet
> how does it compare with aard dict viewer http://aarddict.org/ (not yet ported to openmoko as far as i know, but designed for nokia internet tablets).

Sorry, but I haven't tried aard dict viewer yet. Evopedia is optimized
for the Freerunner screen (at least it seems that aard dict viewer works
better on wider displays), it uses the gps information in Wikipedia (and
the gps receiver in the Freerunner) and it does not have it's own client
software but can be used with any browser (and from any host).
The downside is that there are not so many dumps available yet. I don't
know if there are differences in speed or stability.

Kind regards,

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