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Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 14:13:47 CEST 2009

On 8/3/09, Poul Bondo <pba at mailme.dk> wrote:
> Using SHR-unstable 20090721 as daily phone.
> 1. After I have made a phone call (incoming or outgoing) I need to look
> into if I believe the phone is still working. Ie. can I receive another
> call. I don't know exactly what happens, but quite often the phone is
> "broken". Typical symptoms that something is wrong is that the phone
> will not auto suspend. Settings / Power / Auto suspend will not slide to
> On. When the phone enters this state it cannot receive any more phone
> calls / SMS. The solution to this is typically a power off/on. In this
> state it also does not do a proper logout / shutdown. But pressing the
> power button for some 8-10 seconds will shutdown.

There is newer version of ophonekitd which fixed most of phone
functionality crashes.

> 2. No sound on phone calls. In some cases there is no sound on phone
> calls, i.e. no ring tone (but vibrator ok) and no audio on the voice
> call. Making outgoing calls and suspend/resume does not help. However on
> at least one occasion it did help to plug in USB power.

Do you have speech-dispatcher installed? If yes, then "opkg remove
-force-depends speech-dispatcher" should help.

> 3. Manual resume to check the clock but not touching the touch screen.
> The phone will typically not auto suspend again, unless I touch the
> touch screen.
> 6. Receive a missed SMS while suspended often means the phone will not
> auto suspend again (however for missed phone calls it seems to be
> working ok).

Hmm... I thought it's already fixed. I'll test it more carefully.

> 4. The ring tone audio on incoming call is delayed several seconds. I.e.
> the vibrator starts several seconds before the ring tone. Also the ring
> tone will only stop several seconds after pressing accept call.

Yup... If you're using mp3, ogg or sid tone, then try to use wav. It
should speed up it a little, but it still will be slow... We're
waiting for fsodeviced, it should provide nice gain in speed.

> 5. Removing the power cable (usb) sometimes means that the phone does
> not auto suspend.

Some debug info?

> 7. Phone log will open in multiple instances. If I receive multiple
> missed calls, I will have several phonelogs open. If I look in the wrong
> one, it will only report one missed call. If one instance is open while
> receiving a new phone call it will not be updated.

a) Close notifier window instead of clicking on phonelog button. It
won't open phonelog ;P
b) This is kind of wontfix, as we're playing new UI infrastructure and
we'll write new GUI libraries. Notifier will also change.

> Notice that this is a massive improvement over last time I tried (and
> failed) to use it as a phone 3-4 month ago.

I'm using SHR for about half of year as my daily phone :)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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