testing Litephone, new phone interface

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Mon Aug 3 15:40:40 CEST 2009

Michal Brzozowski wrote:

> Litephone beta1 is available here:
> http://pvtrace.com/litephone/litephone_0.0.1-r2_armv4t.ipk

Beta impressions:

* When the phone rings, please have litephone jump to the foreground.
   Currently, I have to wade through several other running apps in order
   to pick up the phone.

   Also, if some other program were in the foreground, remember that.
   Litephone should then reinstate the previous foreground app
   when the call ends.

   This is what you want if you use the phone as a gps map display,
   or play some game. You want to pick up the phone, but
   when you hang up, you want to continue with whatever you were doing.

* Similiar for SMS. Bring litephone to the foreground, if necessary.
   If the user just close/delete the message, then reinstate the
   previous foreground app. (But if the user do anything else in
   litephone, assume he/she wants to keep litephone in the
   foreground from now on. We don't want to do all sorts of
   work and suddenly have litephone disappear upon deleting the
   particular message that trigged the jump to the foreground. :-)

* Deleting a message (up-to-date SHR unstable) gives a screenful
   of error messages. But the message was deleted.

* When I answer the phone, it rings and vibrates for a while after
   I pressed "answer", before the call comes through. That is annoying.
   I don't know if this can be improved in litephone, or if the
   problem is in the framework or something.

* The contact list has a second column, with 8 names. This allows
   quick jumping through the list to various positions. Excellent!

* Strange SMS view. Before, I could see who sent the message, and
   the first part of the text. And often enough, the first part is
   all I need to see. Some messages are short, just "call me" and such.

   Now, I see who sent the message, and a strange number. (database
   key???)  This number is not useful, please bring back the
   text snippet.

* Really long messages support scrolling. This is better than SHR. :-)

* When the user closes litephone, consider informing that
   no further calls or SMS will be received. This may not be obvious to
   all users, and phone functionality is an important part of the device.
   Still, if you make such a dialog, also add the
   "don't show this warning again" button for the expert users.

I might add this to the wiki - when/if the email address confirmation
comes through. :-/

Helge Hafting

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