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On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 12:42 AM, Laszlo
KREKACS<laszlo.krekacs.list at> wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 11:40 PM, Risto H. Kurppa<risto at> wrote:
>> (I understand that Laszlo didn't get the support needed but got some
>> of his code rejected -> lost interest.. )
> I would like to add my 2 cents here;)
> I didnt stopped working on paroli at all,
> just my attention was distracted by some hobby project
> (home-made electric bike) and I was on vacation in the
> last 2 weeks (hence the late reply).
> But I agree, what Mirko is doing, are the worst scenario of
> every possible act, ie. stating he is working on paroli, but
> his last real work on paroli was exactly two months ago on
> June 3, with commit 6b47ad3a17814105e7107dcf7cc30dc4f3584387.
> In addition to this he is not responding to emails, especially
> which contains programing questions regarding to paroli. (I know, because
> I shoot 10-15 emails already to him in these 2 months).
> I have read somewhere some years ago, how to best quit an
> open source project, but I cant locate it anymore (nor on
> the web nor in my computer). It addressed this very issue, how
> to avoid this kind of frustrations.
> I would like to suggest to Qi company (Mirko's bosses;), to
> allow (better word: force) Mirko to work on Paroli one hour
> per week. To answer questions, and integrate others' works.
> There are many ongoing work, which needs to be integrated into
> paroli. There are two branches by Dietrich, namely tacheles
> and rebase. Where tacheles needs some very deep (tichy/paroli)
> knowledge, to be able to integrate into paroli.
> Other seems mostly cleanup.
> We should really need some kind of communication platform,
> because I for example never met with Dietrich, but I
> really like his works (on, I based my gps program
> on his "mappad" work. It was he or josch)
> So there are two more possible contributors: Dietrich and josch.
> They need some attention, to not lost his interests in paroli.
> I for example have many more or less working programs, which
> needs some help to properly integrate into paroli. (I have shoot
> an email like 4 days ago to Mirko, but no answer;)
> These are:
> - calculator app (already usable)
> - gps app, and I would like to develop some predefined gui for
> it: walking, running, biking, driving, paragliding
> The basics works, I need edje (.edc file) gui for more advanced
> things like zoom in, out and panning;)
> - note taking app (almost working)
> - calendar app (I have some gui sketches)
> - some already done (or planned) gui improvements for paroli
> - I have some gui ideas, where I need consensus
>  from Mirko and Angus, one of them is putting topbar at the
>  bottom. Because the bottom is not really finger usable, so
>  why waste the valuable space at the top (just under
>  illume's topbar). And it makes little sense to have two
>  topbars at the top.
> Mirko: If you want to step back from paroli for some time (months),
>       please, please integrate people's work before it, and
>       only leave after.
> There are many things, where we really need you. Im not able to
> help Dietrich integrate his dbus based "multithreading" programs.
> I (for example) need some tichy help.
> I think everybody got an idea about paroli status.
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo

So nobody here has any news from Mirko ? Neither QI-Hardware ?

I really like Paroli and would love to see this effort congratulate
for example by being integrated into SHR too... but if the maintainer
remains w/o news... Laszlo what do you think about a fork  to apply
your patches ? a continue with welcomed contrib ?

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