[SHR-U] On the road to perfection....

Poul Bondo pba at mailme.dk
Mon Aug 3 17:59:49 CEST 2009

Drifting a little bit further down the road and wanting a not only 
usable stable phone, but also a better basic phone, the following are 
observations that I have made over the past week.

1. "Contacts / Call" button is placed in the same position as "Active 
call / Release" button. This has made me make several re-calls. It would 
help a lot to move one of them. If that didn't make any sense, then what 
happens is that I press Contacts Call which will pop up Active call. 
When ending the conversation the other party is faster than me so the 
Active call is removed before my finger touch is registered. It is 
therefore forwarded to the next window, which happens to be Contacts / 
call :-)

2. A common scenario for every day usage is to put the phone in the 
pocket. When receiving a call anything will happen when I drag the phone 
out of the pocket. I am not sure what the right solution for this 
problem is. However one possible solution would be to press the AUX 
button for locking the phone and let it auto suspend in the pocket. On 
incoming call it would be very nice to let the power button receive the 
call. To discard the call first press AUX and then do your thing. Would 
this be possible and does it make any sense ?

3. When receiving a SMS it is shown in full screen on top of another 
full screen notifier window. This is quite annoying while in a phone 
conversation. Suddenly we have 2 pop up windows on top of the active 
call. Thus if I want to end the current call I have to be aware of and 
remove 2 windows before I can perform the action that I want. Also as an 
extra benefit the other part of the phone conversation will clearly hear 
my SMS ring tone (that is a minor issue).



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