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Mirko Lindner vegyraupe at
Mon Aug 3 18:04:07 CEST 2009


I am still alive and by no means agree that I am not doing anything.

I would agree that I am not coding right now. I am in active contact  
with the pyneo crew, met with them in Hamburg and talked with fgau of  
epydial how to get the apps into paroli. MDT of pyneo who has started  
2 branches has taken over the part of doing maintenance on paroli's  
core (formerly tichy) and this is still the plan.

Adding features to paroli right now has been opted against as Angus  
and I still hope to be able to release Om2009. This requires bug- 
fixing not new features.

I am also collaborating with Mirko from OpenWrt to get paroli fully  
supported on this platform as well.

> So nobody here has any news from Mirko ? Neither QI-Hardware ?

Not on the mailinglists I admit, but I am online on irc regularly  
these days. Certainly less than during OM times and maybe difficult  
to catch due to changing nick names.

> I really like Paroli and would love to see this effort congratulate
> for example by being integrated into SHR too... but if the maintainer
> remains w/o news... Laszlo what do you think about a fork  to apply
> your patches ? a continue with welcomed contrib ?

I think a fork would be the worst case scenario. Laszlo also doesn't  
need to fork, if adding new features is desperately needed how about  
a branch? Certainly better than splitting the few resources that go  
into a project.

I take part of the blame as I am heavily involved with Qi Hardware at  
the moment and also do like to socialize and enjoy the sun every now  
and again. I see a future for paroli and am interested in and working  
for a revival of a python based multi-purpose device UI.

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