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Mon Aug 3 19:01:27 CEST 2009

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Mirko
Lindner<vegyraupe at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am still alive and by no means agree that I am not doing anything.
> I would agree that I am not coding right now. I am in active contact with the pyneo crew, met with them in Hamburg and talked with fgau of epydial how to get the apps into paroli. MDT of pyneo who has started 2 branches has taken over the part of doing maintenance on paroli's core (formerly tichy) and this is still the plan.
> Adding features to paroli right now has been opted against as Angus and I
> still hope to be able to release Om2009. This requires bug-fixing not new
> features.
> I am also collaborating with Mirko from OpenWrt to get paroli fully
> supported on this platform as well.
> So nobody here has any news from Mirko ? Neither QI-Hardware ?
> Not on the mailinglists I admit, but I am online on irc regularly these
> days. Certainly less than during OM times and maybe difficult to catch due
> to changing nick names.

Good to know :)

> I really like Paroli and would love to see this effort congratulate
> for example by being integrated into SHR too... but if the maintainer
> remains w/o news... Laszlo what do you think about a fork  to apply
> your patches ? a continue with welcomed contrib ?
> I think a fork would be the worst case scenario.

And you're right ! It was the last possible scenario to adopt...

>Laszlo also doesn't need to
> fork, if adding new features is desperately needed how about a branch?
> Certainly better than splitting the few resources that go into a project.
> I take part of the blame as I am heavily involved with Qi Hardware at the
> moment and also do like to socialize and enjoy the sun every now and again.
> I see a future for paroli and am interested in and working for a revival of
> a python based multi-purpose device UI.

There is no pb being off for a while... but mails was looking like
you're dead 2 month ago ;).

So let's stabilize and what non-coding user can do more then adding
tickets to the Trac ?

> /mirko

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