Evopedia version 0.2 prerelease

Christian Reitwießner christian at reitwiessner.de
Mon Aug 3 23:16:00 CEST 2009

tb schrieb:
> Hmm it seems as if this are no new features as the version i use for a month
> included all those features
> btw. they worked great thank you - the location awareness is a travel guide
> killer
> it would rock even more if this would be integrated into e.g. tangogps (all
> the wikipedia pois displayed, a klick on the poi will launch the according
> wikipedia article)

You are right, there are no new ideas in evopedia 2.0 with respect to
version 1.5, only the articles are more recent and the file format has
changed. There is actually one difference: evopedia 2.0 should save your
GPS position between two searches, so you should still get reasonable
location search results when you enter a building.


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