[SHR-U] Almost there....

Petr Vanek vanous at penguin.cz
Tue Aug 4 00:42:38 CEST 2009

>> 1. After I have made a phone call (incoming or outgoing) I need to
>> look into if I believe the phone is still working. Ie. can I receive
>> another call. I don't know exactly what happens, but quite often the
>> phone is "broken". Typical symptoms that something is wrong is that
>> the phone will not auto suspend. Settings / Power / Auto suspend
>> will not slide to On. When the phone enters this state it cannot
>> receive any more phone calls / SMS. The solution to this is
>> typically a power off/on. In this state it also does not do a proper
>> logout / shutdown. But pressing the power button for some 8-10
>> seconds will shutdown.
>There is newer version of ophonekitd which fixed most of phone
>functionality crashes.

is it available somewhere? last commit to ophonekitd was two
months ago... 


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