Mokoconnect/connman not working like it use to?

Adam Jimerson vendion at
Tue Aug 4 03:18:14 CEST 2009

I started using mokoconnet after seeing it in and saw that it was 
being considered to replace mofi  in the SHR unstable image.  Back then 
mokoconnect was working flawlessly (other than needed to restart connmand when 
I reboot the phone) when nothing nothing else would work because of the wifi 
kernel bug.  Now I am using the version that is is the SHR feeds doesn't work 
like it use to, this version has trouble finding the AP for the profile, it 
has to force a 30 second scan for the AP then if it can find it then it times 
out waiting for DHCP.  When it does connect and decided to work it doesn't 
reconnect after a resume like the old version did.
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