Commercial alternative to "MintyBoost"

Petr Vanek vanous at
Tue Aug 4 08:48:13 CEST 2009

>I would like to find an off-the-shelf solution of "MintyBoost":
>What I want is a nice plastic box, ie proper product not a
>"home-made" device. So Im looking for more professional
>look, Im totally fine with the electrical content, the
>circuit seems really nice. (many commercial alternatives
>requires 4(!) batteries to operate, and I highly suspect
>that it has no special circuitry).
>So Im looking to something more professional look,
>I want to buy between 10 and 30 pieces. So the home-made
>version is a no-go (no matter how nice electrical-wise).

perhaps someone can suggest a website (which i don't know about)
but visiting any nearest airport would usually give you the opportunity
to touch and feel the products they have. i have seen about dozen of
different ones...  not sure about your country of residence... Hungary,
guessing from your name, but IIRC Budapest airport didn't have much
though :(


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