OpenMoko on HTC-Dream (Can anyone help?)

David Lanzendörfer david.lanzendoerfer at
Tue Aug 4 16:23:46 CEST 2009

> Hi,

> I finally bought a G1,
Well! Me too.

> As you know we first tried to remove(/free) the non-free android part
> related to the drivers for the G1,but you came and you made shown how to
> run the distro of your choice on the G1...
I did the first step an I've forked the android kernel to remove android 

> We are now more organized and we have a name(replicant),and an IRC
> channel ( #replicant on freenode),but we are waiting for the rest of the
> infrastructure
> Our goal is to free the G1,that is to say "port" GNU/Linux(with FSO) on
> it but also replace some android components with free ones
> so far:
> *you've got the wifi and the screen working
Screen works. I've got Enlightment running right now.
Touchscreen and mouse work perfect too.

> *someone tested that program:
> with all the proprietary things removed and it worked
Very good!

> so we should be able to have sound too
> but we need something that translate the dspish thing to an alsa thing
> in order to get out of the box support for all applications
> else we could port each library or application to the dsp-ish thing(such
> as mplayer,vlc,pulseaudio,libxine etc...)
> Denis
I would prefer to have a simple /dev/dsp on the kernel

David Lanzendörfer
OpenSourceSupport GmbH
Junior system engineer and supporter
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