FSO Going Out of the Distro Business? - Questions

Christophe M meumeu1402 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 13:11:53 CEST 2009

Hi ! I agree with Sebastian ... I'm building the Qalee distribution on top
of shr ...

> Well, SHR is plain FSO + UI apps. You need some UI to test framework,
> don't you? :P

> It should be very easy to build on top on SHR.

That's a pain to build a new distro on top of shr, I've spent a lot of time
in removing un-needed thinks. It would have been easier if I had a basic
image with only the minimum ...
It's a reason I've used debian in a first step ( not the only one ) but
community requested a version based on shr/fso ... I had to brack lot of
think to get a minimal image ( and I'm not sure it doesn't contain uneeded
thinks ) ...

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