Evopedia version 0.2 prerelease

Christian Reitwießner christian at reitwiessner.de
Wed Aug 5 15:20:33 CEST 2009

Yorick Moko schrieb:
> Great!
> I really like this project.
> I'm interested in a Dutch version.
> And I'm sure everyone is interested in an English version.
> Which squashfs version do you guys use atm?

Thank you, I'm just compiling the Dutch version. Unfortunately, the dump
process takes very long. I'm using a modified (simplified) version of
the normal DumpHTML Mediawiki extension. Any suggestions for faster
Mediawiki to HTML converters are welcome. Because of that I have not yet
dared to dump the English version. The German version already takes
almost a week to dump...

Kind regards,

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