Freerunner with buzz-fix for sale

Dirk Bergstrom openmoko at
Wed Aug 5 19:31:49 CEST 2009

Alas the dream didn't come true for me.  I need a phone with a reliable 
calendar/alarm system, and I don't see any of the Openmoko distros 
delivering that any time soon.  I'm going to pick up a Palm Pre, since 
that at least has a real Linux under the hood.  My Neo is thus for sale.

S/N 8A8604276
charger + foreign adapters
two batteries
original box (with a big mailing label on it)
screen protector
buzz fix applied by SDG Systems
boots fine


I'm in Silicon Valley, and will mail it anywhere in the US for free.

Dirk Bergstrom
openmoko at

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