[all] call for support: edje guru needed

Bernd Prünster bernd.pruenster at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 21:35:31 CEST 2009

i am the author of the nEo theme.
i would really appriciate if someone would jump in and support my effort 
to create a 1.0 version of the theme where NOTHING shines through for 
the default theme. so basiacally the enlightenment theme has to be 
completed. and the etk theme. well... we need an etk theme, since the 
only thing customized atm is teh etk tree and only partly.
i can do it on my own, but help would be appriciated.
* use as little pngs as possible (recycle where possible) -> you dont 
have to draw you won pngs since everything you need is already there 
(except maybe for some small gui elements like found in right click menu 
* use as lillte layers a possible, while still keeping a nice look
* use some small animations where needed (not where they would be nice 
-> of cource a fade in and fade out of a overlayed rect when pressing a 
button won't hurt anyone)
* dont use colored pngs since the nEo theme only uses black white and 
green, so white pngs can be colored in the edje data collection
* in case you have some elements with spacing inbetween and these 
elements are on top of a scollable area please place a solid recht 
underneath these elements to grant smooth scrolling
* remove as many layers as possible from the default theme's elements 
since we dont need them (no dont replace them with translucent rect os 
sth like that, kick 'em out for good!)

anyone out there who is interested (please i know most of what i did is 
quick and dirty, but a goal for now is creating a complete theme suite) 
and has the needed skills to do it?

note: i am not using edje editor, im using a text editor to make the 
themes (because i dont trust wysiwyg editors)

if there finally is a theme suite where no elements from the default 
theme shines through i'd like some real edje guru to overview it and 
tell me where the really ugly parts are.


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