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2009/8/5 Jon 'maddog' Hall <maddog at>:
> Rask,
>>> Government will also want some return. I don't see clearly (yet) how
>>>a project like ours can give them that (like OLPC and portuguese's
>>   A phone that's more difficult to sneak spyware into than a closed
>>one such as an IPhone or Blackberry. How do you know it isn't secretly
>>being wiretapped? How do you *know*? With open hardware, there are no
>>secret power supplies or audio inputs to the GSM/UMTS chip. With open
>>hardware, you also decide what software to run on it, such as to
>>deselect back doors, or implement encrypted conversation over GSM data
>>calls, which AFAIK isn't available in any of the closed phones.
> All of what you said is true.  On the other hand, perhaps the twelfth
> largest economy (and the sixth largest user of cell phones)
> [Note that the European Union is counted as a "country"]
> would just like the chance to have its largest university (and their
> students) participate in designing an open phone that could be freely
> licensed and manufactured by any one of its high-tech companies.  A
> basic phone design that could be changed to meet various needs in the
> country.  Manufacturing jobs?
> Werner is in contact with the professor, working on the logistics of
> GTA02-core.  I am working (in my copious spare time...yeah, right) on a
> plan for financing.
> We are moving forward.
> md
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Good to know :)

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