OpenMoko on HTC-Dream (Can anyone help?)

GNUtoo GNUtoo at
Thu Aug 6 08:55:43 CEST 2009

>> As you know we first tried to remove(/free) the non-free android part
>> related to the drivers for the G1,but you came and you made shown how to
>> run the distro of your choice on the G1...
> I did the first step an I've forked the android kernel to remove android
> components.
What do you mean by remove android components? just remove them? or
replace them with standard components?
for instance the USB function framework can be replaced by the gadget
framework easily,just changing the .config
so which one should I clone,the official one or your repo?
>> We are now more organized and we have a name(replicant),and an IRC
>> channel ( #replicant on freenode),but we are waiting for the rest of the
>> infrastructure
>> Our goal is to free the G1,that is to say "port" GNU/Linux(with FSO) on
>> it but also replace some android components with free ones
>> so far:
>> *you've got the wifi and the screen working
> Screen works. I've got Enlightment running right now.
> Touchscreen and mouse work perfect too.
wow! how did you do that? I'm stuck with screen now(I've just made usbnet


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