MokoTouch Project (Qt4 Embedded Based Distro)

Matteo Bertozzi theo.bertozzi at
Thu Aug 6 12:58:05 CEST 2009

Hi,  Last week I've released the 1st developer release of Moko Touch Project

In the past months I've played a bit with OpenMoko and QtEmbedded and I've
made a simple video preview of what I've done

Now, I've released some source code that allows you to develop application
using this Framework, and you can also try it using the Simulator included
in the source code.

The Project is just started and the source code contains just the UI
Framework that handle touches, accelerometer and gestures and the Homescreen
app, that allows you to run apps. Also the source code tree contains various
example app where you can learn how to write your apps.
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