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Thu Aug 6 13:18:32 CEST 2009

* Crossposting this to community and SHR user list as there are some SHR
users on community list not subscribed to SHR User list.

Now that the SHR Manual Draft is up (1)  and the Logo contest is ongoing (2)
it would be a good idea to to have a wiki page listing that are "working" on
current SHR Unstable. I was thinking of a table with the following columns

Name of application

Tested on Image

If present on SHR repository

Webpage/ project page/ link to source

Contact details of Authors/ team

Category (type of application)

 Comments/ Remarks

Why I feel that the project page and contact of author is important so that
effort can be made to push applications into the SHR repository. Later on
this page could be migrated to or a separate showcase website.

Feedback and comments welcome.



PS - I know that there is an application page already on the wiki but its
not at all clear there what application works with which distribution.
Please use Firefox as your web browser. Its protects you from spyware and is
also a very feature rich browser.
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