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Patryk Benderz Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl
Thu Aug 6 19:26:34 CEST 2009

Voting results are at end of this post, but first few explanation words
about assumptions i mad while counting votes. For those who have voted
more than once, I have counted votes from latest post.
	It was easy to count votes of those who voted clearly and made sure i
counted their votes correctly, like Warren Baird. Many thanks to those
of you guys!
	But some of you voted early, and didn't redefined your votes at and of
voting, so verify my assumptions, and redefine your votes LAST time if
you think i have misinterpreted your posts.

1.Alex Teiche wrote: "I like V1, but there has to be some sort of clear
defining line that defines the border between two of them(line, etc).
It would also be really great if it had either V3 or V4's table, as that
is really nice."
	So i assumed it has to have white background, some lines dividing
tables, and "working hardware" table on right side of template.
Templates 7a and 7c fits this description, but you didn't defined which
"working hardware" table you like more. Since most of people voted for
7c than for 7a, i assumed you would do so also, thus i counted your vote
as: 7c.

2.Mathieu Rochette wrote: "I prefer the first template too. but is it
possible to have the third
column (hardware/works) for that one ?"
	Again like above: white background, no word about frame (like/dislike)
so i took under consideration versions with frames and without. Now
about "working hardware" table. This mail was dated on 25th of July.
Wiki history shows that at this moment W/H tables was only on the right
side of the template so i assumed you wanted W/H table on the right
side. Thus templates 7a,7b,7c,7d fits here. Again, since most of people
voted for 7c than for 7a, i assumed you would do so also, thus i counted
your vote as: 7c.

3.Jon 'maddog' Hall. Your latest email, dated 2009-07-29 says: "Either
8a or 8b"
	After scratching top of my head for a while and wondering if you wanted
to divide your vote between those two, or wanted me to decide which do
you like more, I decided I should be consequent and count your vote  as
in two points above (similarily as most voted), so i counted your vote
as: #8a.

4.Shashank Bharadwaj: you didn't voted explicitly, but you added new
version #9 to templates, so i assumed you wanted to vote for this
version, so your vote goes to #9.

5.Fabian Schölzel wrote: "May i propose some different layout? Wouldnt
it be better, if the 2-columns 
have the text left and the screenshot/infobox on the right?"
	Your mail fits perfectly to #9 template made by Shashank Bharadwaj,
thus your vote goes to #9.

For future (if any) votings i propose to clarify explicit rules before
voting, cause it took me over one hour to count votes, consider all
non-clear votes cases and write this email :)
Example voting plan might look like this:
Day[1]    :Define proposed templates and make a post on ML.
Day[2-7]  :Gather remarks, comments and incorporate it to new templates.
Day[8-10] :Start voting period, gather votes.
Day[11]   :Stop voting period. Count votes and announce voting results.
Day[12-14]:Implement final changes.

Name                         Vote
Alex Teiche                  7c
Andrew Stephen               8a
Dave Ball                    8a
David Ford                   1
David Reyes Samblas Martinez 7c
Denis Galvão                 7c
Fabian Schölzel              9
jeremy jozwik                2
Jon 'maddog' Hall            8a
Juan Alberto Aranda Alvarez  8a
Marko Knöbl                  1
Mathieu Rochette             7c
Nicola Mfb                   7d
Patryk Benderz               7c
Rafael Campos                7c
Shashank Bharadwaj           9
Warren Baird                 8a

First three places:
1. 7c with 6 votes
2. 8a with 5 votes
3. 1 and 9 with2 votes

So the winner is #7c.

Since today is the release date for CU, i am finishing template to be
able to use it with today's release of CU. If any complaints, we will
change template later to proper one.

Kind Regards

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