ZAGG invisible sheild for Neo Freerunner

Biagio Marino ilcristopagano at
Thu Aug 6 19:55:09 CEST 2009


I would like to buy the invisible sheild (full body) for my new
Freerunner but I have some doubts.

It's simple to install?

If I use my Neo under the rain it will remove the invisible sheild?

If I have install it can I remove the back of my Freerunner (for example
to remove the battery) or i can't?

If I have install it i can put my Frerunner in the leather case (by
tuxbrain) or whit the invisible sheild the Frerunner is too big to enter
on the case?

Biagio Marino <ilcristopagano at>

PS: I know that the last question is exaggerated but better informed :-)
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