Reading binary messages

David Ford david at
Fri Aug 7 04:26:21 CEST 2009


yup, we did.  and unfortunately i had to ship my phone off for buzz
fix.  i just got the box in the mail today and this is one of the top
items on my todo list this weekend.  i've already put some code into in prep for copying the pdu and storing it to see a) why the
two msgs, and b) why the corruption.


Daniel Willmann wrote:
> [...]
> we talked about this some time ago and I'm still not sure why the first
> part of that multipart SMS is swallowed in your case. As I said the
> binary SMS you get not only contains the URL but other info as well.
> Have you tried my suggestion on setting Device.SetSimBuffersSms(False)
> [1] and checking with mdbus -s -l what the first message is?
> I suspect the first message has the attribute pid or message-class set
> to something strange so when the SIM buffers the message it will
> overwrite it. As soon as you got both messages you can reassemble the
> whole message and parse that according to the spec.
> [1]:

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