ZAGG invisible sheild for Neo Freerunner

Ben Wong at
Fri Aug 7 10:00:54 CEST 2009

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 7:55 PM, Mikhail Umorin<mikeumo at> wrote:
> It's a bit of a pain, especially the full body one. You need steady hands and
> a lot of patience. The installation takes about an hour, then ZAGG recommends
> to leave it overnight. Then the plastic snugs like a glove on the device. It's
> shiny, so it looks a little cheesy (but my wife thinks the opposite).  Also,
> Zagg undersupplies the SHIELD spray for the full body option, so use
> sparingly, but liberally when installing the screen piece because any
> fingerprints will be visible (like on mine :) ) -- even if you wash you hands
> really well.

Mikhail is completely correct.  Leave a lot of time for doing the
install.  If you want it done right, it is not a quick task.
Personally, I did the back cover first (several times because I kept
messing up with bubbles and such) so that I'd have practice before
doing the screen.  Fortunately, it is true that you can remove and
reinstall the shield before it dries.  Just be careful when you're
pulling it up not to let the sticky sides touch, it left a small blur
on the corner of my screen that I can't get off.  (I'll probably
exchange my front piece with Zagg, since I'm something of a

As for the "SHIELD spray", I also ran out very fast and had to search
Zagg's FAQ.  They say that it is "mostly water" and that you can
refill the spray bottle from the tap.  Unfortunately, they don't
mention what the other secret ingredient is.  (Thousand island

Someone mentioned that the shield is a dust magnet.  That's probably
true, but my screen stays cleaner since I'm no longer worried about
wiping it off on something possibly abrasive, like my shirt.


P.S. Mikhail is also correct that the shiny look is cheesy.

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